1 Year of WIPO ST.26 Sequence Listing Standard – Our Learnings & Findings

Since the launch of ST.26 sequence listing standard on 1st July 2022, we have embarked on an incredible journey, working on over 5000 sequence listing projects. This extensive experience has enabled us to cultivate a deep and comprehensive expertise in the nuances and practical applications of the new standard. We are thrilled to share our wealth of knowledge and expertise with you through an insightful webinar, where we will delve into the intricacies and advancements of the ST.26 standard.

This webinar will help IP practitioners (especially from Biotech domains) to get familiar with the ST.26 standard and prepare error-free, ST.26-compliant sequence listings. Discover the lessons we have learned, the challenges we have overcome, and the best practices we have developed throughout the past year. Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from our experience.

Key-points to be covered in the webinar:
1. What is sequence listing & why is it important to prepare a sequence listing?
2. Which standard (ST.25 or ST.26) should one follow while preparing sequence listings for a patent application?
3. How to convert ST.25 .TXT file to ST.26 .XML file using WIPO Sequence tool?
4. How to effectively use WIPO Sequence Suite?
5. How to represent Modified Sequences as per ST.26 Sequence Listing Standard rules?
6. Sagacious IP learnings during the past year & case studies.