November 28, 2017

Patent Watching / Monitoring Services

Our Patent Watch Services are specially designed to support patent agents and patent attorneys at law firms or corporations.

Patent Watching / Monitoring Services refer to a process of watching/monitoring/checking the patents at regular intervals of time period in official databases, journals, etc. to search for newly published granted or pending patent applications that matches with the requirements specified at the beginning of the watch for our patent, and then sub-sequentially provide alerts.

The patent watch & alert services can be classified into two major categories, namely Technology-based and Competitor-based watch services. Further, the watch services can be modified according to your requirements. Let’s understand these two services in detail, in the following section.

Technology-based Watch Services

As the name suggests, Technology-based Watch Services are only confined to provide search results for watching and providing alerts, based on the latest development in the specified technology which can unleash the business opportunities. This Technology-based Watch Service enable our clients to monitor and track the recently issued patents, published patent applications, new inventions in the field of interest within a specified period, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly. Followed by the watch services, the alert service makes sure that the client gets the updated report and becomes alert about the legal status and patent progress on the prosecution state of the published patent applications in the field of interest.

Competitor-based Watch Services

Similar to technology-based watch service, a Competitor-based Watch Service assist clients to monitor and alert the recently issued patents and or published patent applications regarding his/her competitors. This watch service will facilitate watch entirely focused on identifying the status and progress of the competitors work from the recent patent activities from his side. The basic motto of inculcating competitor-based patent watch service is to find the abandoned, expired, or rejected patents of competitors, that can be further taken into use without infringing any patent or without inviting any legal risks.

We provide patent watch services based on Technology (through keyword/IPC) or Competitor (through assignee/ inventor name) with a bucket-full of add-ons to it, depending upon the client’s requirement. We also provide patent monitor service based on Patent/Publication number, according to different time frequencies, such as Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, and Semi-annually.

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