What is a Silver Bullet Invalidity Search?

A Silver Bullet Invalidity Search is a specialized service, designed to support patent agents and attorneys in law firms or corporations to find a “killer’ prior art to invalidate patents. It is a contingency based service.

How do we ensure the quality of its invalidity searches?

With a decade of experience working with patent attorneys, attorneys at law, and in-house IP counsels from over 1,500 companies worldwide. Using tools and techniques which are the best in the market and with a success rate of 72% in invalidity searches, we assure the highest quality service.

What types of searches are included in the Silver Bullet Invalidity Search?

The search covers patent literature, non-patent literature, and industrial designs from over 100 countries, with a collaborative effort and no upper cap on the search effort.

What languages are supported for the search?

The search is conducted using English, German, and French language strategies, with additional support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean through machine translation.

How is pricing determined for the Silver Bullet Invalidity Search?

The pricing is different for each client and is based on variants we provide and the needs of the clients. To give you an estimation: Pricing is contingent on the results obtained. For the Silver Bullet variant, if no relevant prior art is found, the cost is either $3,999 (if not used in a case) or $2,699 (if not used at all). If successful, the cost is $7,499.

What is the Silver Bullet+ variant, and how does it differ from the original?

Silver Bullet+ increases the comprehensiveness of the search by adding support for additional languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and offers a more extensive search effort.

Can you describe the pricing for the Silver Bullet+ variant?

The pricing is different for each client and is based on the needs of the client. To give you an estimation: Pricing for Silver Bullet+ is $2,999 (if not used), $4,499 (if used in a case), or $7,999 for successful results in finding novelty-destroying prior art.

How do we ensure accuracy in non-English language searches?

Non-English language searches are conducted using native language keywords and full-text, with results analysed based on machine-translated English text for final relevance.

Is there an example of a successful outcome from a Silver Bullet Invalidity Search?

One example is a New York patent attorney who spent over $15,000 on unsuccessful searches. After utilizing our services, he obtained multiple prior art references and gladly paid for the results. You can also check the testimonials for the outpouring response we receive.

What if I'm not satisfied with the results of the Silver Bullet Invalidity Search?

If you’re not satisfied with the results, we offer options for reduced payment, depending on whether the findings are utilized in a case or not.

How long does it typically take to complete a Silver Bullet Invalidity Search?

The search is completed within a timeframe of 10 days, ensuring a rapid turnaround for clients.

What types of prior art do we typically uncover during these searches?

We typically uncover both patent and non-patent prior art, including literature, academic projects, conference proceedings, and more.

Can the results of the Silver Bullet Invalidity Search be used in litigation?

Yes, the results are comprehensive and detailed, suitable for use in litigation or proactive opposition cases.

Is there a limit to the number of searches a client can request?

There is no limit to the number of searches a client can request, ensuring flexibility in addressing various cases and scenarios.

How do we collaborate with clients during the search process?

We conduct the search collaboratively with the client, ensuring that the search effort is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each case.