Why is Online Patent Watch Essential?

A patent watch is a process that keeps a continuous track of the updates of the patent application. The online patent watch has become a global need for brand owners since new technologies are emerging out for market recognition. Using the web can save considerable time and money in launching a new enterprise by providing information not previously or readily available. This is not all; it also tracks your patent to avoid patent infringement.

Online patent watch focuses on patent monitoring of the new patent applications electronically to prevent any illegal use of your invention. These services regularly update their clients and notify them whenever there is a possibility of infringement. The monitoring also keeps a track of each activity of the patent application such as publication detail, legal status details, etc. The importance of watching patent online is as follows:

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Essentials of Online Patent Watch:

Keeping an eye on a patent that can be yours or someone else’s is called patent monitoring/watching. It is essential to keep a watch on the competitors’ products in this quickly changing world. Here are some of the reasons that show the importance of online patent watch.

  • The continuous online patent watch helps to get an idea of upcoming technologies. Also, this aids the R&D department of the firm in terms of new ideas.
  • It becomes easy to track and file against the patent or patent applications that may infringe the claims in your patent.
  • We can identify abandoned and expired patents and use them in the future.
  • If the claims in your patent are somehow infringing the rights of other patent applications, these services notify you. This allows you to make necessary changes before the third party files against you.
  • They update you with your field of competition. Thus, you can plan accordingly and prepare your strategies for competing.
  • One of the most important advantages of an online patent watch is that it helps in identifying and evaluating commercial opportunities. This, in turn, helps the firm to anticipate future revenue events.
  • It also helps in tracking your application on the national or international stage.

For tracking your international application through an online patent watch you will have to use Madrid Monitor System.

Madrid Monitor provides the status in real-time of an international application that WIPO processes. It also monitors the status of your international registration in the national/regional offices respectively. This allows you to see what is happening to your application at any time.

Types of online patent watch:

According to the requirement of the client, he can customize the criteria for monitoring the patents or patent applications. The basic types of watch services for patent are:

  • Technical Patent Watch

Technical Patent watch covers the search for recently published patents that relate to a specific technical field.

  • Competitor Patent Watch

As the name suggests, one uses the competitor patent watch to get updates regarding publishing of the patent application of his competitor.

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  • Patent Legal status Watch

This watch service provides the status of the patent application during prosecution and patent after grant. Moreover, it helps to address the client for any changes or alterations that one requires in the patent.

  • Design Watch

The design watch service helps to monitor the publication of the newly Design patents. It also tracks down the patent applications which get abandon due to one or other reasons.

  • Infringement Watch

The infringement watch service monitors fresh Evidence of Use (EOU) in different formats i.e. Goods, services, processes, and others.

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