What are the Different Patent Watch Techniques?

When it comes to monitoring your patent, there are several Patent Watch Techniques. If there is an infringement on your patent, you’d want to get a notification so that you can take the relevant actions. Patent infringements are not necessarily bound to patent applications. They can be of varying levels, from overlapping claims in a patent application to commercial use of a similar product. You need to stop infringement at an early stage to avoid more complex issues at later stages. You can also regulate your resources more prudently if you’re aware of the latest market occurrences. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the different Patent Watch Techniques at your disposal so that you can utilize them accordingly.

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All Types of Patent Watch Techniques

The patent watch is not bound to monitoring just one area like patents or patent applications with potential for infringement. You need to keep an eye on the technology in the market, your competitor, etc. Let’s take a look at every technique.

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1.     Technology Watch

Here, the primary focus remains on the latest occurrences in the relevant domain of your patent. You will be made aware of the state-of-the-art technology that exists in your domain in any form. This can range from patent applications, publications in research journals, conferences to research blogs, commercial products, etc. If you find something that overlaps your invention, then you can take the appropriate action.

2.     Competitor Watch

In this, there is a microscopic focus on the activities of a competitor in any part of the globe. You will be made aware of their patent application filings, grants, rejections, expirations and any other activities pertaining to technology. You should be wary of your competitors because they might steal your invention, minimally modify it and start using it.

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3.     Infringement Watch

This watch service primarily monitors new Evidence of Use (EoU) in the form of products, processes or services that seem to infringe your unexpired patent’s claim(s). This is the most direct watch in terms of any product/service actually infringing your patent and not potentially infringing it.

4.     Design Watch

In terms of specific Patent Watch Techniques, this term is quite self-explanatory. The sole purpose of the design watch is to monitor infringements on your product’s design. Entities may knowingly or unknowingly copy your design or come up with something extremely similar. Either way, it classifies as an infringement and you should keep an eye on it as well.

5.     Patent Legal Status Watch

Here, the current status of prosecution and post-grant events for patent applications and patents are the main focus. The events may include Request for Continued Examination (RCE), a Post-Grant Review (PGR), or maintenance status of your application. Basically, this serves as a notification for any office action that needs a response of the appropriate kind. You can also use this to monitor the status of a competitor’s patent application. You can get updates on their application status as per your convenience.

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