Patent Watch: Why Do I Need It?

The Patent watch is a process of monitoring existing Patents/Patent applications. It is done to seek benefits in terms of technological update or obtaining revenue. Also, it helps to avoid possible threats of patent infringement. The basic principle behind the Patent monitoring is to find out Patents or Patent applications that may serve as an interest/profit or cause infringement to our already existing Patent.

The process includes keeping a track of all the competitors and their activities in the respective field. Also, It keeps an eye on a targeted application or Patent for their current status, publication of patent application or Prosecution details. Moreover, the Patent monitoring not only allows us to point out other Patents/applications that may infringe our Patent but also helps to avoid infringement from our end.

Patent Watch: Types

There are different types of watch services regarding Patents according to the need of the client. They can customize the monitoring criteria with respect to his/her requirement. Some of the watch types for Patent are:







Technical Patent Watch


This type of watch service covers the monitoring of newly granted or published Patents in the respective technical field. It monitors the technological part or Patents of the targeted contenders.

Competitor Patent Watch

This watch type provides services which include updates regarding publishing, granting, expiration and rejection of the Patents and Patent applications. The monitoring is done over the competitors of the respective field.

Patent Legal status Watch

The Patent legal status watch includes the monitoring of the prosecution process and steps after the post-grant stage of a Patent. Also, it considers the tracking of newly grant/published Patents. The monitoring helps to notify the client for any amendments, updates or changes required.

Design Watch


In Design Watch, services are provided for monitoring of the Design Patents that are recently published or granted. They also include keeping an eye on all the expired, rejected or abandoned Patent applications.

Infringement Watch


This Watch service includes monitoring for fresh EOU (Evidence of Use) in various forms such as Goods, services, process, etc.



Patent Watch: advantages

Patent monitoring provides a lot of advantages to the client. It helps in keeping the clients in touch with the current t status of other Trademarks. So, the client can take the necessary actions to avoid blames or accept opportunities.

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Some of the major advantages of the service are:

  • It helps us to remain updated on the latest technologies related to our field by surfing through the Patent application of other parties. This can prove beneficial for the R&D department for further innovative steps.
  • We can track and nullify the Patent applications or Patents that are infringing the novelty of claims in our Patent.
  • It also helps to keep a track of expired or abandoned Patents in order to use them for our benefits.
  • These services notify us if we are infringing the claims on another Patent. So, we can do the required changes or amendments on our behalf before any objection from other parties.
  • A continuous overlook on the present or upcoming Patents help to get a glace of various technologies and fields of competition. Thus, it ultimately leads to the proper planning of strategies in order to compete in the market.

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