Patent Monitoring Services: Track Your Patent

Patent monitoring is the process which keeps a continuous track on the updates of the patent application. This is not all, it also tracks your patent to avoid patent infringement. Patent monitoring services also focus on monitoring of the new patent application to prevent any illegal use of your invention. These services regularly update their clients and notify whenever there is a possibility of infringement. The monitoring also keeps a track of each activity of the patent application such as patent publication detail, legal status details, etc. There are certain patent monitoring services available which are as follows:

Patent Monitoring Services: Essential elements:

Different activities require a different kind of patent monitoring services. These services keep hold of every possible patent application for the benefit of the clients. These services include:

  • Competitor Watch:

Competitor Watch tracks the latest publication of the competitors. This allows one to track the IP activity of their competitors and also the future R&D strategy. The frequency of watch could be on a weekly or a monthly basis to monitor the patent updates. It also helps in determining the key focus area for research in the future.

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  • Legal Status Watch:

The legal status watch means to monitor the legal status of the client’s patent application during the prosecution stage. So, it helps to update the client with any amendments such as office actions or fee payments. A legal status watch is also useful for clients who like to search for abandoned or expired patents in a particular domain. This ensures that they are free to use that technology without any legal risks.

  • Technology Watch:

Technology watch tracks the newest innovation in a specific field of client’s interest. It can further perform a quality analysis of the patents to identify business operations. Effective technology watch service allows clients to determine areas of research or analyze the growth in any technology.

  • Patent Infringement Watch:

Patent infringement watch monitors products which can potentially infringe the client’s patent. There may be companies present that can directly affect one’s business by using their invention directly or indirectly. To keep a watch on them and track their activities, patent infringement watch becomes important. It ensures that no one can use the patented technology or invention of someone already having the legal rights of it. So, no one can claim unfair business practices.

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  • Design Watch:

A design watch is also important patent monitoring services. As the name suggests, it monitors the design of the product to avoid infringement. It keeps track of the design of new products of potential competitors. It helps one to ensure that the competitor’s product design isn’t similar to that of their client.

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