Patent Watch Services : A Vigilant Eye on Patent

Do you really need Patent Watch Services? It does not matter which industry your firm operates in, it is necessary to watch all the activities of the competitors to remain safe. Doing so makes it easy to pick out any product/patent that may infringe or harm the reputation of your brand. Moreover, patent watch helps you to keep a close look at the following activities of your competitor:

  • Dynamics of IP
  • Patent litigation
  • Research and Development strategies
  • Development of Technology
  • Licensing and Acquisitions
  • Transferring the patents
  • Recent Patent related activities

Thus, the Patent watch allows you to stay a step ahead from the competitors.

Patent Watch Services: Must know

The Patent watch helps you to keep a track of the latest technology or information about the innovations related to the industry you are into. Moreover, these important updates motivate the research and the development department of the firm to think something more productive.

  • A Patent watch provides an update regarding new Patents and Patent Applications. Thus, it gives you enough time to act against the Patents that may harm or infringe your Patent or invention. The main goal of the Patent watch is to avoid Infringement from either side.
  • You can keep an eye on the expired/abandoned Patents or the patents which may soon fall into the public domain. This enables you to sort out the Patents which are safe for your use.
  • The patent watch helps you to modify your patent/product in time if your technical team finds out that it is infringing any other patent/patent application. Thus avoiding legal actions against you.
  • You not only get to know about the details to new inventions but you can also seek the advantage of the information that is open in front of you.

Patent Watch Services: Fields

A company that provides services or produces goods must seek the help of Patent watch services to be on the safe side. There are a few types of watch services available for these firms:

  • Design watch:

It monitors the Design Patents that are recently published or granted. Also, it tracks the expired or abandoned/rejected Patent applications.

  • Trademark watch:

The Trademark watch service tracks the Trademarks which are newly filed or granted.

  • Infringement watch:

The Infringement Watch service keeps an eye on fresh EOU (Evidence of Use) in various fields i.e. Goods, process, services, and others.

  • Competitor patent watch:

The competitor Patent watch tracks the competitors in the same industry to get information regarding the grant, rejection, publishing or expiration of the Patent application.

  • Technical patent watch:

Technical Patent watch searches for the Patents which are newly grant or published in the relevant technical field.

  • Patent legal status watch:

It helps to check the status of the Patent application during processing and the Patent after acceptance. Also, it allows updating the client for any sort of change or iteration needed in the Patent.

There are various types of Patent watch services and it is better to seek the help of a patent specialist. This will help you to know which type of Patent Watch services will benefit you the most.

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