Patent Watch Service: Types & Advantages

Patent watch service or patent monitoring is a process of tracking other Patent applications or Patents for any possible infringement from either side. However, Patent watch services also keep an eye on the Patents or Patent application that may prove beneficial to us. 

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Also, the service watches over any targeted patent or patent application for its current status or prosecution stage.

Patent Watch Service: Advantages

The watch service regarding Patent proves very useful for any client in order to keep a track of other Patents or Patent applications. Moreover, this helps the client to keep in touch with upcoming opportunities and dodge any threat in terms of Patents.

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Some major aspects of Patent watch services are:

  • The continuous watch helps to get an idea of upcoming technologies. Also, this aids the R&D department of the firm in terms of new ideas.
  • It becomes easy to track and file against the Patent or Patent applications that may infringe the claims in your Patent.
  • We can identify abandoned and expired Patents and use them in the future.
  • If the claims in your Patent are somehow infringing the rights of other Patent/application, these services notify you. This allows you to make necessary changes before the third party files against you.
  • They help to remain updated with the field of competition. Thus, you can plan accordingly and prepare your strategies for competing.

Patent Watch Service: Types

According to the requirement of the client, He/she can customize the criteria of monitoring the Patents or Patent applications. The basic types of watch services for Patent are:

  • Technical Patent Watch

Technical Patent watch covers the search for recently accepted\published Patents in the related technical field.

  • Competitor Patent Watch

As the name suggests, the competitor Patent watch is done to get updates regarding the granting, rejection, expiration or publishing of the Patent application of the competitors in a similar field.

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  • Patent Legal status Watch

This Watch service is provided to get the status of the Patent application during prosecution and Patent after grant. Moreover, it helps to address the client for any changes or alterations required in the Patent.

  • Design Watch

The design watch service helps to monitor newly accepted or published Design Patents. It also tracks down the expired, abandoned or rejected Patent applications.

  • Infringement Watch

The Infringement Watch service monitors fresh Evidence of Use (EOU) in different formats i.e. Goods, services, process, and others.

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