What are the benefits of Patent Monitoring?

You push the boundaries of what’s possible. At the very least, you hope it’s just you.

We can look at each individual case for you. However, if you’re constantly inventing, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the situation via patent monitoring. Almost all patent applications wind up in public patent databases that are open to the public. Every week, a large number of publications in a variety of languages are released.

In the case of patent monitoring, we select patent documents on a monthly basis. For this, we employ a commercial database that optimises the data and presents it in a more effective manner. We make a selection that is specific to your requirements.

For example, we can track a particular area of competence, specific inventors, or a combination of criteria. We can also keep track of how specific patent actions are progressing. Each and every month.

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The Types of Patent Monitoring Techniques:

The patent watch isn’t limited to just one area, such as patents or patent applications that could be infringed upon. You must maintain an eye on market technologies, your competition, and so on. Let’s take a look at each technique one by one.

1. Technology Watch

The main focus here is on the most recent events in the relevant realm of your patent. In any manner, you will be made aware of the state-of-the-art technologies available in your domain. Patent applications, publications in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, research blogs, commercial goods are the examples. If you come across something that is similar to your creation, you can take proper action.

2. Competitor Watch

This focuses on the activity of a rival in any part of the world at a microscopic level. You get information about patent application filings, grants, rejections, expiration, and other technological actions. Competitors should be avoided since they may steal your invention, make little changes, and begin using it.

3. Infringement watch

This watch service focuses on new Evidence of Use (EoU) in the form of items or methods. also, it covers services that appear to infringe on the claim of your unexpired patent (s). It clarifies if a product or service is actually infringing on your patent rather than just potentially infringing on it.

4. Design Watch

This word is self-explanatory in terms of various Patent Watch Techniques. The design watch’s main goal is to keep track of design infringements on your goods. Entities may consciously or unconsciously replicate your design or create something that is strikingly close to it. In either case, it’s a violation, and you should keep an eye on it as well.

5. Patent Legal Status Watch

The main focus here is on the present status of prosecution and post-grant events for patent applications and patents. The occurrences could include a Request for Continued Examination (RCE), a Post-Grant Review (PGR), or your application’s maintenance status. Essentially, this serves as a notification for any office action that requires a specific response. This can also be used to keep track of a competitor’s patent application. You can receive updates on their application status whenever it is convenient for you.

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The Patent Monitoring Benefits:

The data acquired by strategically monitoring patent publications helps your organisation achieve its goals in a variety of ways. Listed below are a few examples:

  • You keep up with other people’s technological advancements in your field. Patent applications are kept confidential at first, but they are usually disclosed 18 months after they are filed. Although this may appear to be a long period, the time-to-market is frequently substantially longer. Even if you are well-versed, patent monitoring informs you years ago about things being created and by whom.
  • While you have a plan and don’t want to be caught off guard by patents awarded to your competitors. Once given, these can compel you to modify your course. Between the time a patent application appears in our monitoring and the time a patent is issued, there is usually a significant length of delay. In many nations, we can file a so-called Third Party Observation within that time period, sometimes even anonymously. By doing so, we can derail or at the very least push a competitor’s application to the side.

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  • You gain insight into your competitors’ business strategies. You’ll be able to reply appropriately if they specialise in a specific innovation. Also, you may observe the countries they seek to establish patents and gain a better understanding of the intentions.
  • You’ll also be informed about any new players entering your market. By monitoring the applications, you’ll be able to predict the competitors before they appear on the market.
  • You’ll be able to identify which of your patent applications are cited in third-party patent actions. The majority of applications come with a Search Report that includes citations to relevant patent documents. If your patent publication is critical to someone else’s application, that person is most likely familiar with your technology.

What does The Patent Watch Company Offers?

It is essential for one to make sure that no one else is using his invention, thus affecting his business. So, it becomes It is critical to ensure that no one else uses one’s invention, as this could harm one’s business. As a result, hiring patent watch services becomes critical. The Patent Watch Company (TPWC) is your one-stop shop for all things related to these services. We have highly skilled people with 16+ years of expertise in this field. Every week, TPWC checks 100+ tasks in a variety of technical fields. We have a global reach because we provide services in over 100 countries. Our crew also keeps an eye on things like regulatory approvals, investments, and lawsuits.

To avail our services, Visit The Patent Watch Company.

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