patent watch service

Patent Watch Service: The Ins and Outs

Your business will flourish and your financial rewards will increase now that you have a patent for your idea. However, the issue arises: is obtaining a patent for your innovation sufficient for the company to grow? No, because thousands of new discoveries are made every day, and if you do not adjust with the market[…]

patent monitoring

What are the benefits of Patent Monitoring?

You push the boundaries of what’s possible. At the very least, you hope it’s just you. We can look at each individual case for you. However, if you’re constantly inventing, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the situation via patent monitoring. Almost all patent applications wind up in public patent databases[…]

atent A Proces in the US A Complete Guide

Patent a Process in the US: A Complete Guide

If you’re an entity in the service industry, you might have thought, “Is it possible to patent a process?” The simple answer is yes. But, the bigger question is, how can you do it? A process patent is a form of a utility patent. It serves the purpose of protecting methods of changing the functionality[…]