patent monitoring

What are the benefits of Patent Monitoring?

You push the boundaries of what’s possible. At the very least, you hope it’s just you. We can look at each individual case for you. However, if you’re constantly inventing, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the situation via patent monitoring. Almost all patent applications wind up in public patent databases[…]

Patent Infringement Cases (Top 3)

Famous Patent Infringement Cases (Top 3)

There are certain patent infringement cases that changed the course of US Patent Law. Every case with its verdict and decisions had huge impacts on the laws, patentability criterion, and the importance of patents. These patent infringement cases left their mark on the patent law in some way or the other. Some affected the patentability[…]

How to Avoid Patent Infringement?

How to Avoid Patent Infringement?

It does not matter which industry your firm operates in, it is necessary to watch all the activities of the competitors to remain safe. This makes it easy to pick out any patent infringement activity that may harm the reputation of your brand. A patent owner has the legal right to exclude others from manufacturing,[…]